• Two people who thought military couples needed more...

You are NOT alone!! The instability and challenges of military life do not have to break you, your family, or your faith. We are known to be a community that builds incredible support and takes care of our own on and off the battlefield, but the battle does not have to rollover into our homes!

Insightc2 was created to provide online positive support to the military culture, but just as relevant to civilian marriages. In 1999 Matt and Corie dreamed of inspiring marriages before even being a couple themselves. Matthew a US Army Chaplain, and Corie a licensed professional counselor, they found their sweet spot working together counseling, teaching marriage retreats, and making difficult topics simple.

In 2007 "Insight" stuck as an appropriate name for what it takes to encourage a healthy marriage: insight into ourselves and into the other person. A mutual respect for one another that births oneness and hope. After leading more than 25 marriage retreats, single soldier, and spouses of deployed soldiers, the biggest question was "What now?"

We decided to take what we were already doing and continue to meet the needs around us by giving you more material and more hope than what we can offer in a single weekend.

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