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About Us

Our Story...

In 1999, in a small Italian restaurant, a simple date that began with sharing dreams of encouraging marriages unfolded into living out a passion for each other and others.  Since then, Matthew and Corie Weathers have spent the past 15 years allowing God to train them up in each other, the art of marriage, as well as in their passion for ministry and the military. 

They bring a real, honest, compassionate perspective to understanding your self and how you fit into the world, as well as understanding those around you. 

They believe that knowing your strengths and gifts will translate into a better marriage, a stronger passion for what you do, and ultimately a better connection with God and His purpose in your life.

Matthew and Corie have devoted themselves to education, on-going training, to each other and ultimately to God to understand the obstacles that prevent greatness.  They have integrated their ministry-based counseling background with the most up-to-date training on personality assessment and strength finding to create a unique style of encouraging military families.