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Thrive as a Military Spouse

corie whitehouse

Being a military wife is tough.  No doubt, our character is made stronger as we adapt to new locations, careers, and work hard to become the "rock" that is stable and predictable in a life of uncertainty.  I get it.  To thrive it takes community, reaching out for help, being willing to not be perfect, and then paying it forward to serve those who need it just as bad as we do.  It's exhausting too, though.

Matt and I have a inside joke where we look at each other and say, "it can all change in a lunch hour."  During a time when the military is changing, it can leave families burned, confused, and feeling taken advantage of.  Deployments have not slowed down- for some, in fact they have ramped up, with little notice, and at a time when families are already tired and worn.  Yet, I still believe in thriving in the midst of the chaos.  I still believe that we can surround ourselves with healthy people, inspiring goals, and enjoy the blessing of a strong family!

 This is the goal of the THRIVE Blog; to provide you with the connection and resources you need in your current circumstances.  There are articles on deployment, reintegration, parenting, and lots more. I would love to inspire you to thrive, not just survive.  I want you to feel connected, that you have what you need when your well runs dry.  Pulling from resources that can educate you about the changes you see in your soldier, giving you new ideas on parenting through the stages of military life, and empowering you with real stories about real spouses who are doing it right, doing it well, and making a difference in their world.  I want YOU to be one of those women.
So regardless of whether or not you are in the military, this is all relevant.  Connect with us, connect with those around you, but don't feel alone.  Let us know what you need if you don't see it here, and together let's set out to be better than we started!

Much Love,

Corie W.