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True Leadership

Leadership is occurring anytime two or more people are together. One person makes a decision and the group moves forward. I would even contend that leadership happens when no one is around, when decisions for a group are being considered and plans are being made.

Leadership doesn't imply that followers are being well-led, though. It doesn't imply that people are being nurtured are grown in mature ways that help them evolve into the fullness of what they were created to be.

I have a personal stake in encouraging effective and positive leaders. As a chaplain and counselor, I spend a great amount of time with soldiers who are frustrated with leadership. There are only two possible reasons for a follower to be frustrated with their leadership: (1) the leader sees his followers are a means to an end and mistreats them, either directly through aggressive behavior or indirectly with apathy, or (2) the follower misunderstand the leadership and doesn't see the big picture or catch the vision by which the leader is guiding the organization. Both are reasons for leaders to look introspectively, and seek feedback from peers and subordinates in the organization, what the Army now calls a 360 degree assessment. But this is only a tool, and like some of the tools in my garage, if I never pick it up and use it as it was intended to be, it remains useless and just another thing that takes up space. This page will be a place to reference resources and tools for you to go to and use, in order to better serve your family, your soldiers and your community. But if you only take away the comfortable parts, you haven't really met the intent. You only become a better leader when you choose to accept the image that you see in the mirror that others  present, and make a decision to change for the better. Because if the people you are in charge of breathing life into, don't feel inspired...then you have to ask, who am I being that those around me feel lifeless?

Quarterback Leading

There I was riding the stationary bike at the gym and being subjected to watching Sports Center as they were going down a list of what makes a great professional quarterback in the National Football League. Truthfully, I was half-listening and then I went back to the free weights with their list still ringing in my head. And as always when I am allowed some quiet moments to think, I began to extrapolate these concepts and ideas into universal truths that we can all abide by, as leaders.

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Classical Music and Shining Eyes

Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it -- and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections. 


Master ASIST Trainer

The statistics show that suicidal behavior is on the rise and communities are becoming increasingly affected and bewildered. While there are many theories of how to best prevent suicide and which intervention is most effective, there are none with more worldwide use than ASIST from LivingWorks.

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